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Media Reports


52 members of Thane Church donate blood

The World Mission Society Church of God in Thane held a blood drive. It is the 277th drive hosted by the church. It was held at the General Hospital in Thane and 52 members participated in the drive.

India | May 11, 2014

Volunteers celebrate successful Central Avenue cleanup campaign

A festive chant greeted a parade of passing motorists as they honked in support of 83 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God on Sunday afternoon. What Kent residents saw as they traveled down Central Avenue was a hive of black and yellow clad workers, joyfully picking up endless cigarette butts, candy wrappers and all sorts of debris long neglected along the sidewalks and alleys of Central Avenue.

Kent Reporter
U.S. | March 24, 2014

Municipal Company of Unban Services helps cleaning the beach, Sunday

The Church of God located in 170 countries of the world is cleaning up beaches this Sunday. In Aracaju, 40 members will gather and clean the Atalaia Beach. The Church of God has conducted five cleanups just within the state of Sergipe.

Sergipe Notícia
Brazil | March 21, 2014

Manchester MP Kate Green praises church volunteers

Stretford and Urmston Kate Green visited the World Mission Society Church of God to present an award in recognition of their hard work within the community.

Click Manchester
U.K. | December 11, 2014
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Eastern beach in church makeover

One hundred bags of rubbish were picked up from New Brighton beach by a cast of 80 volunteers last Sunday, to try to lift spirits in the quake-hit area.

Christchurch Mail
New Zealand | November 06, 2014
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Soothing empty souls with meals for healing

The World Mission Society Church of God (General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol) finished free meal services at Paengmok Harbor and Jindo Gymnasium in Jindo-gun for Sewol ferry victim's families and volunteers.

Gyeongin Ilbo
Korea | September 25, 2014
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We leave Paengmok Harbor . . . but we'll wait for them together

The Church of God finished the free meal service at the Sewol ferry disaster site for 44 days.

Gyeonggi Shinmun
Korea | September 23, 2014
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Senior citizens, you are heroes

Meeting Chuseok the national holiday, 100 members from the Church of God in Eunpyeong threw a party for the elderly living in Jingwan-dong on September 3.

Eunpyeong Shinmun
Korea | September 16, 2014
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Party for the elderly before Chuseok

The Church of God in Buk-gu, Ulsan, invited 300 senior citizens in the area and threw a party for them before Chuseok.

Korea | September 04, 2014
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