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The Church of God in Mexico City, Mexico, carried out a volunteer medical service with the “love of Mother”

  • Nation | Mexico
  • Date | July 08, 2012
ⓒ 2012 WATV
In Mexico where medical expenses are high, most Mexicans find it hard to get medical benefits. It takes them a long time to receive inexpensive medical care, and its quality is also low. So in the case that they are seriously ill, they are forced to pay for expensive medical care or treatment. So, the members from the Church of God in Mexico City performed a special volunteer activity. It was the “Volunteer Medical Service With Mother’s Love” held at Maza de Juarez in Chilpancingo on July 8.
The members, who work in medical circles, voluntarily gathered their minds together as one and planned this volunteer activity in cooperation with the City Hall of Chilpancingo, saying, “We want to convey Mother’s love to our neighbors with our God-given talent.” From a month ago, the members prepared medical appliances like a blood sugar and blood pressure testing equipment and so on, and their colleagues and the officers of the City Hall also supported them.
The members tested the citizens for diabetes, anemia, high blood pressure, etc., and provided them with a free consultation on prevention of diseases, saying, “We will do the volunteer service with the mind of a mother who takes care of her sick child, regarding each and every patient as a member of our own family.” As the volunteer activity became famous through word-of-mouth, more and more people gathered as time passed by. The citizens, who could not receive even a simple medical consultation, kept expressing their gratitude to the Church members, holding their
The City Hall of Chilpancingo presented a letter of appreciation to the Church of God in Mexico City. The Human Rights Protection Society and the Social Integration Council in Mexico also sent a letter of appreciation to the Church. Beatriz Adame, Chief of the Department of Family Health Services at the City Hall of Chilpancingo, asked the Church of God to continue to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the citizens’ lives, saying, “This is the first time for a church to carry out a free medical service.”