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The Torch of the New Covenant Has Begun to Shine on Venezuela

  • Nation | Venezuela
  • Date | July 01, 2006
Christopher Columbus arrived in what is now Venezuela, the area inhabited by Indians, during his voyage to the New World in 1498. European explorers named the region Venezuela [“Little Venice”] after observing local Indian houses similar to those of Venice. The country had been ruled by the Spanish for 300 years.

It has not been long for the members of the “Go&Come Expedition” to make their first landfall on the South American continent with the new covenant, the good news of everlast-ing freedom. I worked as a gospel worker preaching the good news to people in Peru, but after receiving God’s call I put the ship around and headed for Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, in January this year. Back then, I had never thought about preaching the gospel overseas. I was an introvert person, not to mention that I was poor in English. However, when Mother told me to “go!” I just relied on Her word and answered in a loud voice, “Yes, I will go!”

The only thing on my mind was ‘how I can please Mother.’ I started off my voyage just to please Mother and this mind led me to Venezuela from Peru. Now, many souls in Venezuela who are beautiful in mind and deeds are coming to God. I cannot stop giving thanks to God for helping us to find our lost heavenly brothers and sisters in Venezuela. Again, I give thanks to Father and Mother for entrusting me with this precious mission even though I am weak and feeble.

With the Sprit of a Soaring Eagle
In Venezuela, one of the world’s largest oil producing nations, gas is normally cheaper than water. Venezuela is a country that still persists “socialism of the 21st century,” allowing its president to enjoy enormous power. I moved into Caracas, home to 80% of the total population, just believing the fact that God is always with me wherever I go.

A pastor from the Peru Church visited Venezuela to help us lay the foundation for the gospel work and a deacon couple from Peru settled down in the country before us. However, due to lack of information and preparation I had no idea what to do in Venezuela.

ⓒ 2006 WATV
The first thing I did was to buy a map to search for a region and place that is best suitable to build Zion, while preaching the gospel. It was not easy to find a building that meets our conditions and people did not want to lend a building to foreigners.

Although we tried desperately to find a way to get a church building for about a month, we failed to find out the right way. However, we have the only and absolute way—our Mother.All of us prayed to God earnestly and wrote a letter to Mother with the same mind.

After a few days, we met an owner of a build-ing who likes Korean. At first, he refused to lease the building, saying that he was looking for someone who would buy the building, but when he knew we were from Korea he greeted us with open arms and consented with plea-sure. He allowed us to use the building as church.

We shed tears of happiness together, giving thanks to God who makes the impossible possible. Although it rained outside, we ran through the rain like a child being overwhelmed with excitement. We worked day and night together with the deacon couple from Peru and swiftly finished the entire interior of the building. We were able to complete the work so quickly because we could not wait to preach the words of God to people in Venezuela. The only work left for us was to find our lost brothers and sisters in here to please our God.

There is one distinctive feature of the Cara-cas Zion. As the mountain surrounding the Elohim Training Institute in Korea looks like an eagle that spreads out its wings to hover over its young, the mountain surrounding the Caracas Zion appears like an eagle flying up to the sky; it demonstrates the spirit of the Venezuelan Zion which has just taken off the ground to fly high above the sky. Nowadays, about 40-50 members are born again as the children of God every month, with the spirit of an eagle flying in the sky.

True Preaching is Delivering Our Heart
Although I was not good at speaking foreign languages, I upheld the will of God and started to preach the good news, using all the words of God I knew. I was hurt and distressed when people did not understand what I said even though I tried my best to deliver the message as clearly as I could, but I never lost my nerve.

“The true delivery of God’s message must come not only from the knowledge the preacher has, but also from the inner part of the preacher.” I always remember Mother telling us that we should preach the gospel from heart to heart with sincere love. It is true that people may not understand what I am saying because of my poor Spanish. However, I had a strong belief that love and truth always prevail, and I preached the gospel passionately with all my heart and mind. Before long, people started to read my eyes and mouths, and opened their hearts to receive the gospel. They did not hesitate to become the children of God.

ⓒ 2006 WATV
It is only human thought that language barrier is an obstacle. God has already opened the hearts of the children of heaven, and it is our turn to open our hearts and tear down the barrier of language.

There was a person who kept his eyes focu-sed on what the Bible says, receiving the words of God without objection. I was not able to know whether he understood every word in the Bible, but he was greatly moved by God’s words and immediately encouraged his family to receive the truth, and all his family members were led into God’s arms that day.

Even though my pronunciation is still not clear, I preach the words of God in a loud voice with strong confidence and the members who are touched by the sermon respond by saying “Amen” in a loud voice.

The same is true for Venezuelan members. They always try to tell the good news to other people with sincerity and love. Sister Daisy was troubled because of her family’s persecution for about two months, but she woke up early in the morning every day to give prayers to God. She asked God every day to open the hearts of her family members to receive the truth.

She overcame all difficulties while preaching the new covenant without ceasing and was able to lead her husband to Zion. Now, her husband preaches the gospel to other people and helps her as a trustworthy supporter. Not every member of her family has come into the truth. She does not stop praying to God and preaching the words of God.

Whenever I see her preaching, I am touched and feel the power of God that enables her to preach the gospel with great confidence and passion.

Now, many Venezuelan members are moved by her for the way she talks and behaves, and they try to follow her example.

The Passover of the New Covenant Has Shone on Venezuela
More than 98 percent of Venezuelan population believe in Catholicism, so there are many idols and also lots of other bibles besides the Canon. As it is said that religion dominates man’s mentality, most people in Venezuela are fascinated with Catholicism, and many sects of Catholicism make people confused.

Among them, not a few people are seek-ing the truth, having questions about the Catholicism. They are our heavenly family. Some cry and express their gratitude, saying, “I’ve never met such convincing truths.” Then we are also moved and let them know that it is only God who is worthy to receive all thanks.

The truth which they are most surprised by is the Passover of the new covenant. They are accustomed to have communion every week. They ask, “Where in the Bible is the Passover, which we are to keep just once a year?” and get surprised when they confirm the truth through the Bible.

ⓒ 2006 WATV
We can know how precious our Venezuela family considers the Passover. The Venezuela government arbitrarily shuts off the supply of electricity in one region and then provides it again. The region where our Zion is located had never been disconnected from the electricity supply. However, for the first time it was notified that in this region the electricity supply would be stopped on the Passover day.

I was very worried, because most members of the Venezuela Zion had been in the truth for just a couple of months. I was not sure they would come to Church, if electricity was not supplied. I prayed to God earnestly that they would come to Church and celebrate the Passover, then I prepared many candles for power failure.

As notified, the power gave out and utter darkness fell down. Whenever a candle was lit, one by one, our brothers and sisters’ faces were shown. At that moment I burst into tears. A larger number of people gathered than the number of those who said they would come. In the difficult situation, they came to God without any complaints, even though they had been in Zion only for a couple of months.
On the day when the light of the Passover of the new covenant shone on the land of Venezuela for the first time, we all gave thanks to God.

While making wine for the next Passover, I could feel their beautiful minds. Various fruits are plenty in Venezuela, but grapes are harvested very few. Our brothers and sisters actively searched for grapes and were able to purchased them. Moreover, they bought the big glass bottles which were not sold here, asking around.

After washing the grapes cleanly one by one, we put them in three big glass bottles. Saying that six hundred heavenly family members would be able to drink next Passover, we were determined to find our lost bothers and sisters diligently.

With the Heart of Jeremiah, Filled with the Holy Spirit
In Venezuela it is very dangerous to go out after sunset. However, our brothers and sisters gathered together to pray to God with earnest hearts in the early morning and evening during the Prayer Weeks of Pentecost.

After celebrating the Pentecost, all the brothers and sisters gathered together and shared the fragrance of Zion. All of them shed tears for the grace of God. It was sure that God poured down the Holy Spirit upon them like a shower. We also had a pleasant time, sharing the food which the members had prepared at home. Although our brothers and sisters are not rich materially, they try to serve the Church in a various ways. Whenever I see their beautiful minds, I am deeply moved.

After receiving the Holy Spirit, our brothers and sisters make every effort to preach the gospel and lead their family and relatives into the arms of God. A sister, advanced in age, attended all the worship services during the prayer weeks, only a month after she received the truth. She had always tried to preach the words of God. On the Pentecost Day, she received the Holy Spirit and led all her family to God.

Our brothers and sisters love to study the Bible and always wait for me to teach them the truths. Sometimes they call me to visit them quickly, but because there are many who are thirsty for the words of life, I am often unable to visit them all and feel sorry for them.

The members of the Venezuela Zion have a heart like that of Jeremiah; God’s word becomes in them like a fire which they cannot hold back. And they long for the heavenly Jerusalem. When they watch videos which contain the news from Zions in Korea, they shed tears with yearning for our Mother. They are surely the children of God.

Venezuela has been confined to falsehood for a long time. Now the gospel has begun to shine upon the land. The torch of the new covenant will guide the souls from the darkness to the light. We have just started. We will concentrate only on the gospel. We believe that God will give us ability when we follow the prophecy with 100 percent faith and enthusiasm.

Our only hope is to find more brothers and sisters and produce more gospel workers, and then to go to Korea where our Mother dwells. Mother much more longs for Her children than the children long for Her. What will please Mother the most? We will do our best to find our lost brothers and sisters with one mind until our hope is fulfilled. We will surely please our Mother by seeking our lost heavenly family.

Father and Mother, we give thanks and glory to You for allowing us to experience the wonderful work of God.
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