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The Dew of Your Youth Proclaims Mother, the Heart of the New Covenant

  • Nation | USA
  • Date | June 01, 2006
To effectively convey the heavenly culture of God, we must first understand the culture, customs and mindsets of the people who are living in that country. The gospel will be successful if we make every effort to familiarize ourselves with their way of life, leaving no room for misunderstanding.”

The above words of wisdom were imparted to me by Mother prior to my departure for New York for the first time. I fully realized that within the core of Mother’s words were contained great blessings; therefore, I deeply engraved them on my heart. As the brothers and sisters gradually streamed to Zion, I saw the blessings become a reality before my very eyes. The precious blessings of God have resulted in the New York Zion being filled in every corner and then some, with family members that overflow with love and laughter, resembling God.

New York City, the global capital of the world and the center of international commerce, has become the melting pot for all nations. Since the standard of living is higher than other cities in the United States, it is not unusual for the people of New York to work from dawn until the wee hours of the night whereas other cities promptly cutoff their work activities at 5 o’clock sharp. Moreover, the people’s lifestyles are normally set in high-gear so they have very little time to downshift to low-gear.

Apart from finding people occasionally gathered at shopping malls, it is difficult to find large groups of people gathering outdoors since they are all busy trying to make a living. As a result, we often find ourselves preaching the gospel inside the shopping malls to those who are shopping and lending a helping hand, to those who are loading their bags into their cars at the parking lot. Owing to the fast-paced lives of those to whom we preach, we directly testify about the Savior of this age, desiring to focus and deliver the essential core of the truth.

“We are preaching about Elohim God, who has come from the East. Elohim God has restored the truth of the New Covenant.”

When the brothers and sisters preach the truth of Elohim God with a confident voice and sincere eyes, the people’s minds are unknowingly touched; they actually find themselves stopping to listen to the word of God. Although they want to hear and study more because they are astonished with the perfect words of truth from the Bible, due to their lack of time, we part ways with a promise of a future study date at Church. From that moment on, we start to diligently pray for those people to be reborn as the children of God.

The people are extremely interested in the truth of Elohim God, especially about the topic of Mother. After realizing that the Bible testifies about Mother, they earnestly desire to study more deeply about this matter. Up until now, they’ve only known about Father God, but when they realize that Mother God exists and is also testified through the Bible, they are totally amazed, and their eyes are twinkling with incredulity. Most American households are typified by parents, both mother and/or father, that must work to make a living; therefore, they have an intense yearning for the “absent mother’s love.”

Sister Kyrzayda is a prime example of the person who came to Zion out of direct curiosity for our heavenly Mother. When our brothers and sisters approached her who was shopping and preached the truth about Mother, she was extremely shocked and fascinated with this topic. She was overjoyed after fully studying the Bible and realizing our heavenly Mother, the alluring subject that had transfixed her soul. Since then, she has not wavered off the path that has allowed her to become a child of God. She has become a beautiful gospel worker who boldly preaches about our God, the Almighty God who has come from the east, and works diligently for the truth. Whenever she preaches the words of God, she delivers that same inspiration that touched her soul when she realized Mother and has borne much fruit. Nowadays, not only does she participate in the choir and give praise to God, but she is also energetic in other volunteer activities in Zion and has become a good example for other brothers and sisters.

In this way, when I see the fervent passion of our brothers and sisters who go out and preach about heavenly Mother because they truly understand Her love, I can’t help but be energized and enthusiastic along with them. Through this situation, I realize one simple fact: We are all the same children under our heavenly Parents. Furthermore, I understand more deeply the reason why Mother is the heart of the new covenant. In this age, the Spirit and the Bride are the source of the water of life. We can tell by the people’s reactions when we testify about Mother, how much the lost children have long yearned to have their thirst quenched. The people of New York are no match for the overwhelming flood that flows from our heavenly Mother; it drowns their arrogance and deluges their empty souls with love, chipping away at their stone-cold hearts and bringing forth water from a dry well. Without seeing these people’s transformations, we could never fully realize the value of this precious truth, and we truly give all thanks to God.

ⓒ 2006 WATV

In New York Zion, the young adults are at the forefront, leading the mission of the gospel, trying to bring it to its completion. When I see the members of the New York Church, God’s prophetic words whisper in my ear and echo through my mind; the young adults will bring to fruition the last work of the gospel! “Your troops will be willing on Your day of battle. Arrayed in holy majesty, from the womb of the dawn You will receive the dew of Your youth.” One third of the Church members are young adults who have become key participants in the work of spreading the truth. They purely receive the truth of the Bible, never casting a shadow of a doubt, and solidify their faiths by building upon the foundation of God, who is the cornerstone of truth. They wholeheartedly believe that only God can bring forth this perfect truth to the earth. When they come to know the true Savior through the studies, their exuberant and unmasked joy is completely evident.

Being in Zion feels like we are in another dimension; a day passes by in a blink of an eye when the young adults gather together in joyous harmony. Over here, young adults who attend college must also work…going to their jobs in the morning, attending school in the afternoon, and coming to Zion in the evening to preach the gospel. After they return from preaching, being powered by the Holy Spirit, their energy doesn’t subside; therefore, they even take time to put on the full armor of God and practice preaching and participate in choir practice. As midnight approaches, I worry that the young adults may be physically tired, but every night turns into a friendly battle to get them to go back to their physical homes. The young adults never tire of being in Zion because they can feel the love and protection of our Father and Mother here.

Every aspect of their lives has been seamlessly integrated into the gospel, preaching to their co-workers at the workplace and to their classmates at school. For example, several young adults, in an effort to spread the gospel at their respective colleges, have formed a club, for those college students that are interested in the Bible study, called the “Elohim Bible Study Club.” An average of ten to fifteen members attend the weekly club meetings that are currently being held at five different colleges; the most active one is Bergen Community College. Our young adults in this club are making every effort to preach about the God who has come from the east to bring salvation to the children in the west. The unfortunate downside is that since other religions are against us, it has hindered some of the productivity of some of our clubs; therefore, only two clubs remain active. Currently, the number of students that has received the truth through these clubs exceeds a few dozen.

Almost every student is aware of the clubs’ presence, spreading its fragrance even to the Korean community. Prior to becoming a member of our collegiate Bible study club, one of our brothers was the president of the computer gaming club. After studying and realizing the truth, he eagerly preached to all the members of his previous computer gaming club. Another brother, who was a previous member of the break dancing club, preached to all his friends and has led many to God after studying God’s words through this Bible study club. The more these brothers realized the truth, the more effort they put into the Elohim Bible Study Club, realizing how God created a precious link to Zion for their salvation. Eventually, the brothers ceased to participate in their previous clubs and focus on becoming a gospel worker in the “heavenly club” because God has showed them incredible mercy and true love. This transition was made possible because God opened their minds to place a value on studying the word of God over their own physical desires and their emp-ty ways of life.

When our young adults’ parents find out that their children are eagerly studying the gospel, some of them oppose at first and try to stop their children from coming to Church, even to the point of almost disowning them and/or expelling them from their homes.

However, after studying the truth, they themselves end up becoming children of God. The parents, who once hindered their children from participating in Church related activities, become supportive instead, realizing their grave mistake towards God and how much they misunderstood and unjustly wronged their children. No one can deny the word of God because God’s words are perfect, trustworthy and true.

Our Sister Eileen’s family came to God in this previously mentioned fashion. The first to receive the truth in her physical family was Eileen, one of our young adults. She was very curious about the truth; therefore, she asked numerous questions whenever she came to study. The Bible studies with her would last countless hours due to her endless array of questions and her unquenchable appetite for the truth. However, on a certain day, our sister’s inquisitive mind was changed and finally satiated; it was the day when she learned the truth about Mother. From that moment on, her questions and doubts ceased, and she diligently studies the Bible, eagerly preaching the truth about our heavenly Mother, who is testified through the Bible.

Upon learning of Eileen’s activities, her over-protective parents adamantly opposed her attending the Church of God. We comforted our sister and made an effort to visit her home to meet her parents. We preached the new covenant to them and let her parents know what Eileen was doing was precious and pleasing in the sight of God.

“She is able to receive blessings and eternal life; this is why she is working so diligently. Since she is participating in the wonderful works of God, there is no reason to worry.”

ⓒ 2006 WATV
After her parents heard our words, being God-fearing themselves, they changed their minds and softened their hearts towards Eileen and the Church of God. What parent would go against their child who was doing such an important and valuable work?

When we returned to Church, an unexpected surprise awaited us. The once stubborn parents who had adamantly fought against Eileen now said that they themselves wanted to become children of God. The perfect words of God, which were preached to them in order to save Eileen from further persecution, remained in their hearts after we had left. Little by little, God moved their hearts towards the truth of God’s amazing salvation. They could no longer suppress their feelings of excitement; therefore, they became God’s children by following their daughter to Zion. The physical family that was reborn as a spiritual family under God has now become happier and filled with greater love; moreover, they continue to give thanks to Elohim God who bestowed upon them all these blessings. Not too long ago, Eileen’s mother received the blessing to go and see the glory of the heavenly New Jerusalem. Through this event, she continues to strive and make every effort to testify about the God of this age wherever she goes. Whenever these things occur, I can truly feel the handiwork and finger of God, guiding and accomplishing all that He has planned since before creation.

Another member of our Church is Brother Jorge, a Colombian brother who came through the Bible study group. After Brother Jorge studied and deeply felt Mother’s love and sacrifice, he eagerly tried to bear good fruit in order to please our heavenly Mother. He said that when he works for the gospel and preaches earnestly, his desire to visit our heavenly Mother steadily increases. Occasionally, Brother Jorge’s eyes well up with tears because he desperately wants to see Mother, but cannot due to his immigration status. When we see his sincerity and devotion, all Zion family members become emotional, reminding us once again that we are all one in spirit and body. Who among us has not desired and longed to see Mother and run into Her loving embrace?

Brother Jorge never loses hope that some day, he will see Mother; he knows that what is impossible with man is possible with God! With that in mind, Brother Jorge knows that until he can see our heavenly Mother in person, She is always with him in spirit and loves him even though he is a sinner. Brother Jorge truly delivers that grateful and devoted mind whenever he diligently preaches or passionately teaches the truth of the Bible to new brothers. Anyone who studies with him, is undoubtedly touched by the word of God and grows to be beautiful fruit in Zion. One thing is for sure: Delivering the word of God does not depend on man’s knowledge, but rather on how we deliver the truth with a sincere mind, a burning heart and an earnest love towards God, which results in the bearing of lasting, good fruit.

Likewise, the young adults, who preach the gospel without hesitation in their respective circumstances, continually come to me and say that they can feel God is always helping them because He answers their prayers right away. Also, they can feel the boundless love, sacrifice and efforts of our heavenly Parents who lead them onto the righteous path. For them, it is not merely knowledge of the truth from the Bible that secures their faith; it is because they can see the results of God’s intimate interaction within their personal circumstances, guiding them through everyday life while fully caring for the children’s needs and understanding their worries. Through these past experiences, they realize that God is not just an abstract concept like we presumed before the truth, but is very real heavenly Parents that truly desire to bring them back to the heavenly home.

When the brothers and sisters preach the gospel eagerly, they can experience a small fraction of the magnanimous sacrifice that Father and Mother underwent and continue to daily undergo in order to seek and save Their lost children. Only by walking down this path can they come to truly realize our Father’s mind and our Mother’s heart. After directly experiencing this true love and sacrifice, their minds burn even more intensely; as a result, whenever they read the Bible, every verse touches them profoundly, and they become deeply moved with even one word from the Scriptures. As their spiritual maturity progresses, an earnest love for Father and Mother and a single-mindedness to return to the kingdom of heaven naturally develop, allowing their faiths to become stronger and more stable in the truth. Those who follow in the footsteps of our heavenly Parents, realize that this will ultimately result in the heavenly family reunion for eternity, which they so desire.

Having been blessed with the opportunity to work together in the gospel with the young adults, whose only passion is for God, brings about such great joy and delights my soul to no end. Words cannot describe their burning fervor and enthusiasm, but I can only say that it is overwhelming. There are countless times when their endearing devotion towards Father and Mother brings forth heartfelt tears to my dry, tired eyes.

ⓒ 2006 WATV
Moreover, I sincerely believe that the reason New York Zion’s young adults receive abundant blessings is because they willingly forsook the things they most loved in this world for the sake of the gospel. Since the American culture itself promotes a very free and liberal style of thinking, many are easily exposed to an environment that caters to the indulgence of physical desires and promiscuity without moral restraint. Temptation most often becomes their utmost difficult obstacle to overcome; however, once they become the children of God, God gives them the power of the Holy Spirit to resist even the most perilous enticement.

All our young adults are overcoming their weaknesses by solely relying on God’s strength and God’s words. With an eager mind and patient endurance, they focus on finding their lost brothers and sisters and run the race to inherit the kingdom of heaven. Although every New York City street corner leads to avenues of worldly corruption, our brothers and sisters make every effort to stay spiritually and physically in Zion, the fortified city. They resemble the Korean brothers and sisters, whose only hope is for the kingdom of heaven. Since they are armed with the lessons of God from the Bible, the young adults of the New York Zion persevere to hold onto their crown. They stand firm in the truth, unwavering in their mission to fulfill the gospel with which God entrusted them and to become the competent ministers of the new covenant.

Whenever our young adults are gathered together, they often receive compliments from even the worldly people, who admire their dedication towards God. They can’t help but notice the bright, smiling faces of our brothers and sisters and their beautiful attitudes, which are a result of their obedience to the word of God and corresponding action. On one occasion, while the brothers and sisters were eating together in a restaurant, other patrons wondered where they came from because their faces were shining luminously. Still others have mentioned that our brothers and sisters glow and appear as angels. When we continually encountered these situations on numerous occasions, the young adults came to truly realize that their faces reflected the light and glory of God.

Recently, in order to display God’s splendor, we started contributing gifts of food and necessities to the governmental entities and public service departments for their efforts throughout the year. They did not hold back their compliments towards the brothers and sisters, mentioning that their faces are always pure and radiant. Even government officials and our neighbors have stopped by our Church in the past to compliment and thank us for our efforts to beautify and upkeep our Zion and surrounding areas, which resulted in the rise of property values in the community. Through these amazing occurrences, the brothers and sisters never forget to return all thanks and glory to God who let them realize that they are the undeniable children of light.

Furthermore, a few weeks ago, the New York brothers and sisters received the great blessing to visit Mother Jerusalem in Korea. Among the twenty-five who went to Korea, there were new members who were baptized only two, three and six months ago. Despite their short time in Zion, everyone, who returned after experiencing firsthand Father’s sacrifice and Mother’s love, firmly resolved to work only for the gospel by throwing away all their worldly greed, which they previously held on to very tightly.

Nowadays, the members, who came to Zion earlier, mention with a content smile that they can feel that the kingdom of heaven is forcefully advancing due to the tremendous and rapid understanding and the burning minds of the newer family members. Seeing those who came to the truth, only two or three months ago, not only participating in preaching the word of God, but also being considerate and taking care of other brothers and sisters by trying to teach them lessons through the Bible, is extremely shocking.

Moreover, the spirits of those who had not yet visited Mother are awakening through their fragrances of Zion to please God even more. If we continue at this pace, it is not unrealistic to find 1,000 or 2,000 members in a short amount of time. This is possible because the faiths of the brothers and sisters are like a roaring fire, set ablaze by God’s torch of truth. We have come to realize what pleases our Mother the most, when we work in unity to take care of each other’s fruit; therefore, Mother continues to bestow abundant blessings of more good fruit upon the New York Zion.

Though people of many nations are gathered in the New York Zion, with different outer appearances, languages, cultures and customs, I no longer notice their differences but their similarities. We all have the same, one purpose, to return from whence we came. God is transforming our brothers and sisters into the heavenly people who no longer desire to be part of this world. Our Mother’s words of wisdom—to make every effort to understand their customs, cultures and the people’s mindsets—had a deeper, hidden meaning that was only realized through trial and error. Understanding our overseas brothers and sisters does not mean following them or giving into their way of life. God has shown me, by understanding their ways, how to properly and slowly introduce the heavenly culture as a better way of life compared to their previous earthly culture.

If they are truly our brothers and sisters who were lost from heaven, they will undoubtedly remember who they once were and love the heavenly culture. Just as we can never totally forget the customs, culture, mindsets and laws of where we were originally born, if our citizenship is in heaven, our spirits will recognize the heavenly culture and naturally follow God’s ways. Whenever they acknowledge the Spirit and the Bride as the true Almighty God and follow Their teachings, I always feel their heartfelt gratitude towards our Father and Mother for rescuing them from this earthly prison and this miserable way of life. Our common bond, the love of our heavenly Parents and our intense desire to go back to our heavenly homeland, makes me realize that we are the true heavenly family.

Nowadays, there is another reason for giving thanks to God; towards the end of 2005, God granted us the blessing to establish the Connecticut Zion. Construction is nearly completed and over twenty, newly found family members are already worshiping and praising God over there; among the members are two young adult deaconesses who moved there from New York Zion only for the purpose of preaching the gospel. Since an overseer has not been dispatched to the Connecticut Zion, one missionary from the New York Zion commutes back and forth to preside over the services. He remarks that many brothers and sisters will quickly gather to this Zion because of the burning desire of the members to preach the gospel.

Like this, the only reason our brothers and sisters are forcefully running towards the kingdom of heaven without rest, is their earnest hope for shortening the time when we will once again be with Father and Mother forever. Because our family members miss Mother so much, sometimes I turn on the speaker phone so they can directly hear Mother’s voice. At that time, they give thanks with tears of great gratitude for hearing the voice of God, even over the phone.

Furthermore, it stimulates and solidifies our conviction for finding the lost brothers and sisters with renewed strength.
No longer do the overseas remain an unfamiliar and uncharted territory. Boundary lines no longer exist when we are establishing “Heaven’s Kingdom of Grace”; the word, “global community,” aptly describes the current status of all the overseas Zions. The crucial link is understanding and obeying our heavenly Father and Mother’s words, something we must always keep in mind in these last days. If we simply obey the word of God to “go,” the great blessings of preaching abroad will be realized.

The worldwide preaching of the gospel will be accomplished swiftly if we take up Mother’s will, which can be received through earnest prayers and petitions. I hope that all the young adults throughout the world will rise up with burning torches in their hands so that the gates of heaven may be opened wide. My desire is to complete the mission of building up Mount Zions all throughout the world, so that we all may quickly go back to the kingdom of heaven with our Mother to where our Father dwells.

Lastly, I give all thanks, honor and praise to our heavenly Father and Mother who always freely give us the overflowing blessings of the Holy Spirit.
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