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  • Special Issue

    Mayor praises Church of God

    Mayor Chanchala Kodre appreciated the efforts of the Church of God in organizing a blood donation camp at B. T. Kawade Road on Wednesday....

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  • Special Issue

    Cleaning with faith

    The World Mission Society Church of God in South Rotterdam is carrying out cleanups every year. Many members gathered on Sunday for a street cleanup and they spruced up Zuiderpark and Ahoy....

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  • Special Issue

    The Church of God's mother-made meals at Pengmok Harbor

    Three days after the Church of God heard the news of sunken ferry Sewol, it sent an emergency volunteer team to the Pengmok Harbor on April 20. The volunteers were from the Church of God close to Jindo in Jeollanam Province--Yeonggwang, Naju, Suncheon as well as Mokpo. ...

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  • Special Issue

    150 members from the Auckland Church donate blood

    Hundreds of volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God rolled up their sleeves to help the New Zealand Blood Services on March 17. About 150 people donated blood at the Mt. Roskill War Memorial Hall. ...

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Church News

The Sacred Assemblies of the Ascension Day & the Day of Pentecost

The service for the Ascension Day, which is the day to commemorate Christ’s going up to heaven on the 40th day after the Resurrection, was held on May 5 in all the Churches of God worldwide. After ten days, the Sacred Assembly of the Day of Pentecost was held on the 15th.

The 66th Overseas Visiting Group

The 66th Overseas Visiting Group, which mainly consisted of the members from North America and Europe, came to Korea. They learned God’s words and love, and made a resolution to preach to seven billion people.

Dedication Services for Three Churches of God in Chungcheong Province, Korea

In April 5, 2016, when spring flowers were in full bloom under warm sunshine, dedication services for three Churches of God were held. They are the Boryeong Church, the Hongseong Church, and the Baebang Church in Asan, all located in Chungcheong Province.

The Sacred Assemblies of the Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and the Day of Resurrection 2016

The first annual feast in 2016 began on March 22 (the fourteenth day of the first month by the sacred calendar). In the evening, the Sacred Assembly of the Passover was held in more than 2,500 Churches of God in 175 countries. On the following day, they held the Sacred Assembly of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and on the 27th, the Sacred Assembly of the Day of Resurrection.

General Assembly 2016

The pastoral staff members in and out of Korea gathered in the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple and participated in the General Assembly for five days and four nights, where they settled the last year’s gospel work, which left rich accomplishments than any other years. They also drew up the gospel development direction for the year 2016.

Dedication Service for the Church of God in Gijang, Busan, Korea

The Gijang Church in Busan held the dedication service for its new temple.

Contribution to Society

Building Completion Ceremony of Shree Primary School in Nepal

At around 1 p.m. on March 2, 2016, the completion ceremony for the school buildings built by the Church of God was held at the Shree Primary School.

Mother’s Love in a Warm Meal Gives Comfort and Hope

From April 21 to September 19, the Church of God operated a free meal service camp for the Sewol ferry victims’ families and volunteers.

Volunteer Relief Efforts by the New York Church After Hurricane Sandy

From Oct. 30 to Nov. 18, the members of the New York Church carried out volunteer relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

International Bible Seminar
Come to God the Mother
Awards Received
Worldwide Church of God
Teachings of Mother

Media Reports

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Church Intro. Video



Peruvian Broadcaster ATV

This video is what was broadcast on January 22, through ATV weekly general news in Peru.
ATV visited the Lima Church (2nd Br.) in Peru to cover a story on the Church of God.
ATV is a  popular broadcasting station which records the 2nd highest viewing rate in Peru.
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